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Stone Deterioration and Treatment

Stone Deterioration and Treatment (1986–1991)

The Getty Conservation Institute (GCI) has long maintained a program of research into the deterioration and treatment of stone materials. Early investigations assessed the biodeterioration susceptibility of stone consolidants, evaluated the deterioration of monumental stones in situ, and examined the use of epoxy resins for stone consolidation.

The prevention of deterioration of stone materials used in works of art and in construction is of widespread interest. While many studies have considered the physical and chemical mechanisms that contribute to such deterioration, prior to the GCI's work, little research focused on the problem of microorganisms exacerbating the deterioration of stone. In collaboration with the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Bloomfield College, the GCI initiated a large-scale project to assess the biodeterioration susceptibility of stone consolidants. Sixteen polymers and resins important in preserving art materials, particularly stone, were evaluated for their ability to support fungal growth.

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